scott wolf
associate creative director / writer
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Steel vs. Aluminum

In 2015 Ford was announcing the release of a new F-150 with a game-changing, all-aluminum truck bed. This spelled bad news for the Chevy Silverado, with its high-strength, roll-formed steel bed. We had to get ahead of the game, cast doubt on aluminum, and prove to the world that truck guys actually prefer steel over aluminum. But we couldn't just tell them. We had to show them. So we built a testing facility, put 12 truck guys in a room with 2 metal cages, and let the cameras roll. Oh yeah, and there was a 750 lb. grizzly bear.


The Awards

2017 2nd Place in New York Festival — Best use of Media/Branded/Events

2017 One Show Merit — Direct Marketing/Immersive/Installations

2016 Cannes Bronze Lion — Promo & Activation (Guerilla Marketing)

2016 Cannes Shortlist — Promo & Activation (Cars and Automotive)

2016 Cannes Shortlist — Outdoor (Interactive Outdoor Experience)

2016 LIA Silver — Social Media

2016 LIA Bronze — Branded Content

The Case Study


The Teaser


The Launch

We launched the creative during the MLB all-star game, and planted a bear in the crowd. When the spot ended, the in-game footage cut to our bear with the hashtag #ChooseWisely - nodding to the decision of choosing steel over aluminum.

And, during the pre-game parade, a Silverado carried our caged bear right down the red carpet.  

Bear At The Parade.png

The Social Play

We invited the Twittersphere to submit photos of their own Chevy trucks to be bearified. We even created transparent .png images of our bear and sent them out so people could pretend like they were being attacked by our "vicious" grizzly. 


The Out Takes