scott wolf
associate creative director / writer

Chevy Trucks

A Century of Dependability

In order to celebrate Chevy's 100-year truck anniversary, we dug into the archives and took a ride in the way-back machine to craft a new piece using all the old Chevy truck commercials that held true to the message of dependability that Chevrolet has stood by for a century. 


The Awards

2018 Bronze LIA Award (Sound Editing)
2018 Bronze Cresta (Sound Design)
2018 Bronze ADC cube (Television/Film/Online Video Commercials – under $100K – Single)
2018 New York Festival — Bronze  (Film Craft / Sound design)


It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year…

The Chevy Colorado ZR2 made the nice list, which means you can be a little naughty.


The only truck that carries its weight in surprises.

With an all-new redesign, and all sorts of fun, new surprises, you might find that the best-in-class cargo volume is the biggest one.


A truck that brings out your inner child. And your actual one. 

Choosing the Chevy Silverado over the Ford F-150 is a choice so easy a kid could make it. So... we had them make it.


Which three beasts are hiding behind these doors?

Only one truck brand can claim fuel economy, horsepower & towing. Watch the reactions on these real truck guys' faces when we showed them the answer. 


A special edition set, for a set of special editions.

Chevrolet was set to announce 5 brand-new, special-edition Silverado trucks. But we couldn't just tell real people. We had to show them. So we built a custom set, rigged with all sorts of fun revealing tactics, that had real truck guys' heads turning in surprise.


What's got Ford and RAM feeling so empty?

Maybe the fact that neither offers best-in-class light-duty towing, best-in-class HD horsepower, or the most-capable off-road midsize pickup. Or do they?


Can a truck make you more dateable?

According to our little experiment, yes. And more than we thought... We set up a bunch of guys with real dating profiles & monitored the activity over a four week period - first without the truck, and then with it. Turns out, owning a truck, or at least looking like you do, makes you a more eligible bachelor. But don't worry ladies, I drive a gold minivan.